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Where is vief going to talk he got banned here on forums too
16 days ago
17 days ago
note: when he was questioning he had the title [RaidBoss] which is unofficial for the staff team so i suggested he'd change it to something more appropriate and he came up with [owner]
17 days ago

Length Of Ban/punishment

I was banned by [owner]BlackHawk for testing *Censored* bypass. But its not even a bypass, its more of a permission issue if you do not want players to accomplish free signs then set the flags to admin only... and also state in the rules you are not allowed to make your own signs. i was arguing with [owner]BlackHawk for 10 minutes trying to justify why i shouldn't get banned but he refused to check my storage and faction storage for the items (chat log for evidence). He did not state what he was banning me for except "Use common sense" (in the rules page) but the rule "use common sense" applies to everybody who plays on the server. Therefore it applies to blackhawk too, it would have been common sense to check my storages but he used the excuse "i'm too lazy to do that" or something along those lines (check chat log for accurate evidence). I plead not guilty for using no common sense, i got rid of the items after testing and i also came clear with [owner]BlackHawk on what happened. I also think it is an unfair judgement to ban me for 6 months time for something not in the rules page. I also strongly suggest you remove the unspecific rule: "use commonsense" as it can be misunderstood in many ways. For example; i can be building a submarine with my friend waffles and he might have done something stupid and i could have made it better using "common sense". so does that mean with sufficient evidence i can get waffle banned for doing that? according to the rules yes. especially to [owner]BlackHawk. Also I am not defending VIEF and he himself has said that I did nothing wrong.

In Game Name you were banned with:

Have you used alternate accounts to bypass the ban? BE HONEST, 
No. I had an alt but i kindly gave it away to my friend.

Staff Involved in the matter:
17 days ago
my name jeff
3 months ago